Wedding Essentials

This company provides wedding decorations and may expand to other offerings soon. They needed a logo that would work in vinyl as well as it worked on paper.

Wedding Essentials Logo
Wedding Essentials Logo
Wedding Essentials Logo in White
Wedding Essentials Logo in White

As always, a good logo should work as well in color as it does in black and white or in a single color. That way your logo will work no matter where you use it: from your website to a silk-screened tee, from letterhead to large banners to metal cutouts, you’ll be ready.

Cheap logo designs, such as those you might get in a logo contest, will often dazzle with full colors, drop shadows, and gradients, but when it comes time to use the logo in print, you run into troule or have to pay your print shop to make it work.

Drop shadows and gradients can jazz up a graphics made with your logo, but if the logo cant stand on its own, you’ll regret it sooner or later. If you need help converting your logo to a format that works this way, drop me a note.

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