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Design vs Trends

My blog has always been a random hodgepodge of whatever happens to be on my mind. Luckily, WordPress allows you to subscribe to a single tag. Posts tagged with DGM2740 are responses to reading assignments from my Web Design class. You’re welcome to stick around if you’d like.

CafePress Template & SEO

Today I heard from a happy client who is doing quite well with her CafePress store. A little keyword research and a few template changes have taken her a long way!

Elastic Design

This new website layout is a Gas. Actually I’m not sure what to call it, besides my personal experiment to attempt to answer to the question of Fixed versus Liquid.  (Edit – I recently redid my CSS and I think I left this out; only because most browsers now have zoom features that grow images and page-widths too.)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This was my most difficult project ever. I’m adding it here to show flexibility in style. Lily’s favorite show was Blues Clues and her mom loves scrapbooking. They asked for a site in her honor, so I felt it should reflect what she was like, too.


This is a nonprofit org that pays for children’s education in the Philippines. Here is the site I’m working on for them (Sad, I never got it done for them!  Maybe I can try again when I’m out of pro-bono projects)

New and Improving

Welcome to the new web site structure. If you notice a difference, kudos to you. But I know the difference and now you will too: In addition to a few minor stylistic changes, private blogs are actually private now.. hurray! I’ll have the portfolio sections separated, and they’ll even be updated soon to show a more visual layout.