How Does Your Garden Grow?

This site contained huge ammounts of information that needed to be arranged in a more user-friendly way. Tripple Brook Farms, yes that’s “Tripple” named for the brook that passes through the farm, had hundreds of pages about and pictures of the interesting plants that grow in their gardens and nursery. This was a freelance project for Businesstracks.

My time was somewhat limited on this project (as far as I can tell it’s still being programed), and they wanted a specific look for the site, so my primary goal was to organize the categories in a way that would make it easier for gardening enthusiasts, “brown thumbs” (not-so-good gardeners like me), and the curious to find information, based on whether they wanted to search, or browse for a specific plant by name or by category or even by photos or current specials. So I utlized a tabbed navigation along the top, along “staple links” along the left.

Here is the layout I submitted, with the “content” being pretty much what was already in their catalog:

Tripple Brook Farm Layout
Tripple Brook Farm Layout

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