Weird quotes and stories from the kids this week

I encourage you to add your kids’ weird stories and quotes too.

Peanut Butter Princesses
As part of our bedtime routine I ask the kids to think some of their favorite thoughts (in hopes to prevent nightmares) as they’re dosing off. Mary’s favorite thought one of those nights:
“Peanut Butter Princesses, jumping over fences, landing in puddles of chocolate!”

The Thinkers
Today the kids call me in saying, “Momma! We have a surprise for you!” Remembering yesterday’s surprise of a bar of soap magically pasted to the wall, or last week’s “rocket” built of shish kabob skewers, Styrofoam cups, and shortening “glue”, I was a bit worried.

To my relief, they’d only taken all of the cushions off the couch and stacked them to a TV-height bench with a “footstool” and were sitting there posed, each with their head on one hand and the other hand at their waist, staring out the window. It took me a minute to realize what the meant by saying they were “just like the chucky cheeses commercial”, but once I figured it out, they were right: Chucky Cheese has what I call a “mini-mercial” on the PBS Kids shows they sponsor. It says, “Chucky Cheeses – helping kids discover the joy of developing their bodies, AND their minds.” They show a picture of a kid in “Thinker” position on that last part.

Ethan’s Random Quote:
Mommmaaa! I just gotted up off the couch and pretended I was a 40 year old boy!

Anyway, they’ll be wanting some more abacus entertainment (I’d ordered one for Ethan’s birthday and it just arrived yesterday) so I’m off to take care of that.

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