New and Improving

Welcome to the new web site structure. If you notice a difference, kudos to you. But I know the difference and now you will too: In addition to a few minor stylistic changes, private blogs are actually private now.. hurray! I’ll have the portfolio sections separated, and they’ll even be updated soon to show a more visual layout. If you’re familiar with the geek terms “Ice”, “Liquid”, and “Jello” (and if not I’ll explain later) you might notice this site is none of those. Try adjusting your text size. The site should expand or contract nicely, wrapping text at a tidy line length. (Edit – wrote this before most browsers supported zoom) It automatically changes to a printer friendly layout should you choose to print and should look pretty good no matter your resolution. (Guess I’d better add my print.css back in!) Not to mention the fact that the site is now XHTML and CSS certified. As my three year old would say, “w00t!” (yeah I know, I’m raising him well).

I’ve tested the new design in IE6 and Firefox, but if you see anything that looks amiss please use the contact form and I’ll see if I can fix it. Have fun and watch for the long lost content I’m adding now that the site is finally updated.

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