Not so exciting news

Okay, so you saw my Getting Started articles and you’re thinking, what’s up with the blog, Velda? You asked for it. I’ve been sicker than a dog this week, and my kids have too. With nothing short of the nastiest, most persistent asthma I’ve ever had, combined with aspiration pneumonia (don’t ask) and a side-order of influenza on my own plate, I get to wake up to my 3 hour alarm to give my also flu-ridden children their alternating doses of motrin and tylenol to keep their wee heads from burning up. Yeah, I know, I sound like I’m going on 92.

You might imagine where this leaves me for getting any work done at hands-on, let alone keeping up with design projects or updating my site. Or you might be like some people, wondering how I’m going to get my housework done. If you’re one of those people, be forewarned, I am cranky when I am sick, so do not do your wondering out loud. To tell you the truth, I got tired of staring at the piles of undone housework. I gave it a solid go today, for a good ten minutes, I swear! And I wound up stuck on the couch again gasping for air.

So instead, I’m combining my OTHER work (the kind I pay the mortgage with) into one project for tonight: I completed a mini-website for a customer. I posted about the mini-website, and how to get started with a mini-website, on my blog. I get to experiment with the new affiliate links to see how well they work (I don’t get credit for them – but you could!) And I get to answer the questions I’ve failed to answer while I’ve been sick in bed all week.

What better way to get ones work done than doing it all in one swell foop? Particularly when I am up coughing / listening to coughing all night anyway? Enjoy.

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