That card link you wanted!

To the people who enjoyed SMCUV with me last night and asked where I got my cards 🙂

So I went to an awesome SMCUV tonight (Social Medial Club, Utah Valley) where the amazing Josh Peters gave a presentation on GLAM: setting Goals, Listening, taking Action, and Measuring the results of our actions. All of it takes a hefty dose of Listening and I liked the emphasis on that. Great presentation. I’m excited to start implementing some of these ideas with my clients. We also had some excellent food and a gorgeous event venue this month (I love Thanksgiving Point!)

Luckily, I remembered to bring my business cards and as usual, at least a dozen people told me how nice these cards were. As Kirk Rasmussen put it, “These business cards look like they mean money!” Oddly enough, they were free. Free as in you get 100 cards for the cost of shipping, and as in ad-free too. Free UV coating – even spot UV last I checked – so you can make your logo stand out with a bit of shine. How do they make money on this? Probably because so many designers (like me) keep coming back anytime we need other stuff printed. I can’t recommend them enough.

So, since several people asked for the link, here you go: Get 100 Free Business Cards at They have some templates, or you can use your own design like I do. Add rounded corners and they’ll fit nicely in an Altoids box. They also don’t mind you using the free offer more than once, so give them a go & let me know what you think! Oh, and if you need design work, drop me a note: I’m busy for the next several weeks, but I’d be happy to refer you out 🙂

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