Garden of Eden Collage

(Oops – original title was College Collage. I decided that was dumb but took out the wrong word. D’oh!)

My new living room has the words “All Because Two People Fell In Love” plastered across the wall, no doubt above where a large family photo used to hang. Not the most encouraging thing in the world given the circumstances that had caused me to move here in the first place. So after some thought and joking around with my brothers, I decided I’d find or make an Adam & Eve picture and find a way to conceal the “in love” bit, so it’d say “All Because Two People Fell” instead.

A few weeks later, I had to make a self-expressive collage for one of my classes. Perfect opportunity, right? Here’s how it turned out:

All Because Two People Fell
All Because Two People Fell

I haven’t hung it yet, and I don’t know whether I will. Maybe I’ll just ask the homeowner if she’d mind me simply unsticking the vinyl lettering. Or maybe I’ll paint over it a little to calm the stark edges down a bit. What do you think?