Gmail logout loop

I’d heard of the gmail logout loop before, but never experienced it until today when I was borrowing my mom’s mac. It was a terribly persistent little issue too. Essentially, when I tried to log out of my dad’s gmail in order to log into mine, I got caught on a screen that endlessly looped through the logout process without ever fully completing it. Restarting the browser window didn’t help, because anytime I’d go to it’d have me automatically redirected to the same looping logout.

Clearing her cookies probably would have if I’d known where cookies were stored so I could selectively remove the ones I wanted without messing up the rest of them for her. But first I turned to google for my solution, and to my surprise, none of the top hits I scanned through had an easy fix.

So I figured out one myself. It’s easy, maybe even a bit of a face-palm sort of solution, but it worked. That page you’re googling from? Simply click logout on IT. That logout should work. If it doesn’t, try clearing your private data. You’ll have to re-log into sites that normally keep you signed in, but that’s not such a horrible thing. Good luck.

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