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Mario Birthday Party Brainstorm

A variety of Super Mario Brothers Mushroom cupcakes
A variety of Mario Brothers Mushroom cupcakes

Update: Our party was a smashing success, and dozens of other parents have posted their stories too! Also, there are finally some cute mario party supplies to help supplement these ideas. If you need the supplies you can support this page at the same time by ordering them here.

My son turns six this month and would like to have a Mario Party Party. It’s a fun idea really, but I’ve noticed that mario birthday party supplies and favors are a bit hard to find. (Not anymore!)

So this time around in addition to posting my ideas as to what worked and what didn’t, I realized I could check with you! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

The difference a week makes…

My daughter wasn’t feeling well the day of her birthday, in fact she had a bit of an ear infection. So we gave it a week then held another party (for the cousins on my side of the family) today. Anyone see a difference between this and last week’s pic? 🙂

A much happier birthday!
A much happier birthday!

For her party we went to the petting zoo then came back for cupcakes. So I’ve uploaded some of the farm pictures I took today too. They’re in the scrapbook too; be sure to check them out.