Mario Birthday Party Brainstorm

A variety of Super Mario Brothers Mushroom cupcakes
A variety of Mario Brothers Mushroom cupcakes

Update: Our party was a smashing success, and dozens of other parents have posted their stories too! Also, there are finally some cute mario party supplies to help supplement these ideas. If you need the supplies you can support this page at the same time by ordering them here.

My son turns six this month and would like to have a Mario Party Party. It’s a fun idea really, but I’ve noticed that mario birthday party supplies and favors are a bit hard to find. (Not anymore!)

So this time around in addition to posting my ideas as to what worked and what didn’t, I realized I could check with you! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

(I’m updating as I come up with ideas, and there are tons of other mario party ideas readers posted in the comments below!)

  • Mushroom cupcakes made with red icing and white candy spots or orange frosting and red candy — or green frosting with white, for that matter — maybe all of them? Let the kids decorate?
  • Ice Cream shaped like a star using a star shaped cake pan
  • Star shaped mylar balloons for party favors – just add eyes! I gold star shaped mylar balloons, 20″ across for 99 cents here, or you can get a 3′ star shaped mylar balloon for $2.99 . These also make excellent additions to any mario-themed costume 🙂
  • Chocolate (Or bubblegum) coin hunt
  • Pizza – oh and set the table with a red/white checked tablecloth
  • Mini Games (haven’t figured out which ones yet but stuff like a beanbag toss, frisbee throw, etc. would probably work – I should go play mario party with the kids for more ideas)
  • Yoshi Egg Piñata
  • Mushroom Invitations (pattern posted below)

I did find some red newsboy/cabbie caps that’d be adorable on the kids. A bit over (my) budget for mario birthday party favors but it’d be fun for someone I’m sure. Maybe I could make some out of .. I dunno, foam visors and fabric? who knows 🙂

So anyway.. If you’re looking for mario party ideas for your kid, there are a few, and if you’ve got some I’ve not thought of, please feel free to contribute.

Old School Mario Mushroom
Old School Mario Mushroom

There are some cute Mario Birthday Party invitations available now along with favors and other party supplies, but if you want to make your own, here’s the pattern I made for our party. These look like the 8-bit mushrooms you might remember from Super Mario Brothers. Print caps.pdf on orange, red, or green cardstock. Paint the spots.

Print stems.pdf on white cardstock, and then print envelope.pdf on goldenrod 4.25×6.25 envelopes.

Cut out the caps and stems. Fold forward along the dotted line on the cap to form a tab to glue the stem to the mushroom cap. Let the glue dry first, then put the cards in a heavy book to get their folds crisp.

You could do the same thing with a smoother mushroom look, but I think the 8 bit pixelated thing is a bit fun and unexpected. Enjoy!

Chain Chomp Pinata idea by Heather & Joe - this is awesome!
Chain Chomp Pinata idea by Heather & Joe - this is awesome!
Heather and Joe sent in this awesome Chain-chomp pinata idea. Very clever and cool! “I used a dollar store beach ball so I could deflate it for reuse after! I also used black construction paper for the final layer so the color would be stronger. It hung with an old light fixture chain. It turned out great! we had already hit it a few times before we remembered to take a pic.whoops! ”

Awesome Mario Peel & Stick Wall Stickers
Vinyl Mario Peel & Stick Wall Stickers - out of my price range but SO COOL!

And I totally love these wall stickers. I can’t afford them, but if I could I would totally turn my apartment’s living room with it’s nearly black wall into World 3-1, and then it’d be like having a Mario Party every day!

Have fun at your Mario Party!