Viva gets a New Name

We ran out of milk today, so I decided to pick up a gallon at lunch. And we were in a bit of a hurry to get in and out and back home to work again. So we’re walking – rushing really – to the back of the store, and Ethan says, “Ahah, here’s the milk section.”

So I say, “Do you know what the milk section is called?”

Both kids were stumped. Neither was looking up at the signs, apparently, but I cut them some slack considering there are always so many interesting things to see at their eye level. “It’s called the Dairy.”


And we rushed over, picked up a gallon of 1%, and hurried back to the checkout. As we were leaving, Ethan asked, “So what’s the legend?”

At a loss for clues as to what he was talking about, I asked, “The legend?”

“You know, legendary.”

(I thought it was funny)

SO.  For my kids entertainment and enlightenment, and indeed for my own, I looked up this site that seems pretty cool. greek and latin roots

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