Silence of the Spams

A few months ago, I got my spam assassin tweaked perfectly. Most of my spam is deleted on the server; the rest is filtered out in thunderbird. And now I enjoy a daily email diet of perfectly healthy email subscriptions, project communications, and uphpu postings, sprinkled with the very rare email to me from a friend or family member. So I’m wondering whether I’ve done something to horribly offend everyone who used to write me now and then, or whether spam assassin is overstepping its bounds…. or whether all that spam I used to get has me expecting more volume. Talk about filling up on junk. I find myself checking my thunderbird spam box several times a day -hoping- to find something good. -If- by some chance you have written me in the past month or so and haven’t heard back, or if you’ve been thinking of saying hello and just haven’t, would you drop me a note in my contact form? I really would love to hear from you. Yes, you. Unless you’re creepy.

And if you’re looking for spam assassin tips, look no further. This article, “SpamAssassin for the Novice” by yours truly does not include advanced tweaks, but it does include quite alot to help you start cutting down on your spam intake. Just be sure you’ve got something healthy to fill up on so you don’t get spam withdrawl like me.

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