My first time babysitting grandkids

Mary asked me to watch Pet Lion today after we got Ethan from school. She told me exactly how Pet Lion likes to be held and what to feed her (pet lion eats bad dreams you know).

Several hours later she was upset because I’d left Pet Lion downstairs alone. But she happily carried her baby upstairs and laid her gently in my office (with a traveling pillow and a bandana blanket) and said she just had a few more things she needed to do.

Later she’d just woken up from a long, much needed nap, and asked, “Mom, why aren’t you holding Pet Lion?”

Me: “Because she’s sleeping…”

Mary: “Oh… well we’d better wake her up.”

Me: “Pet Lion, your momma’s here!”

Mary: “Pet Lion, did you have a fun time at Grandma’s? I just had some stuff I needed to do today.”

A few minutes later she came back, “Would you like to watch Pet Lion for me again?”

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