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Mario Birthday Party 2009

Cute mario party invitations
Cute mario party invitations

We’ve decided we’re doing a Mario Kart party this year for both kids as a combined birthday party. Here is the entire oh-so-simple party plan, thanks to some awesome ideas in the Mario Birthday Party Brainstorm and some brainstorming here as well. I love planning parties that don’t really need a party planner to pull off 🙂 Like this:

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Mario Mushroom Cupcakes

Mario Cupcake
Mario Cupcake

Remember that Mario Birthday Party Brainstorm article? It is full of great ideas, but sorely lacking photos. Now my kids are asking for another Mario Party this spring, so we’re perfecting our favorite Mario Party ideas and documenting them in individual articles. Starting with 1-up Mushroom Cupcakes, perfect for a Mario Birthday Party, or even just a fun Saturday afternoon activity… my kids and the neighborhood children that came over sure enjoyed it!

Yoshi Egg Piñata

Yoshi Egg Pinata
Yoshi Egg Pinata

If you hadn’t gathered it from my other article, my kids LOVE Mario.  Ethan wants another Mario birthday party this year.. we may even do a combined birthday party for both kids since Mary’s birthday is in the summer (when friends are often on vacation.)

Not Another Fairy Tale Wedding

In a world where weddings and wedding receptions seem all the same (or maybe I should say in a state where wedding receptions seem all the same), now and then you run across one that’s highly unique. We went to one last night that kept my six year old son engrossed for three and a half hours. That’s saying something.

Mario Birthday Party Brainstorm

A variety of Super Mario Brothers Mushroom cupcakes
A variety of Mario Brothers Mushroom cupcakes

Update: Our party was a smashing success, and dozens of other parents have posted their stories too! Also, there are finally some cute mario party supplies to help supplement these ideas. If you need the supplies you can support this page at the same time by ordering them here.

My son turns six this month and would like to have a Mario Party Party. It’s a fun idea really, but I’ve noticed that mario birthday party supplies and favors are a bit hard to find. (Not anymore!)

So this time around in addition to posting my ideas as to what worked and what didn’t, I realized I could check with you! Here’s what I’ve got so far:


So, being child of the 80s and horrible mom I am, I let my son dress up as his favorite Nintendo character. The “horrible mom” part comes in where my 3 year old is almost as good at Nintendo as I am. Scary, isn’t it?