Yoshi Egg Piñata

Yoshi Egg Pinata
Yoshi Egg Pinata

If you hadn’t gathered it from my other article, my kids LOVE Mario.  Ethan wants another Mario birthday party this year.. we may even do a combined birthday party for both kids since Mary’s birthday is in the summer (when friends are often on vacation.)

The title for this post says it all!  We were thinking of Mario themed Piñatas. Someone had suggested a Boo, and the kids and I thought that a question-mark-box piñata would be cool too.  But I’m thinking the simplest idea by far is a Yoshi egg!

You can of course make the yoshi egg using regular paper mache techniques, but we opted to go unique and make it with tissue paper. Here’s how:

– Cover a balloon with white two to three sheets of white tissue as your first layer.   Soak the first layer in water alone Don’t use paste on this first layer. Misting the paper with water would be a good idea. Add four to six more layers, brushing each with  paper mâché paste.  I wouldn’t use a flour-based paste for this one as you’ll want something that dries clear.  White glue or mod podge works.

– Let this dry, then pop and remove the balloon, and carefully slice part of one side off so you can fill it with candy and prizes.  We’re going to use chocolate coins, gold star confetti,  and whatever other mario themed birthday party favors we can find.   Use a few more white strips and your paste to put the side back on.

– Cut several large spots out of green tissue paper.  Use your paper mache paste to stick them on.

– After it’s thoroughly dry, paint the whole thing with mod-podge once more so it’s reinforced.  Mod podge dries clear and strong.

And that’s that!   And yes, it will be more fragile than a traditional pinata.  Since hitting it with a baseball bat doesn’t relate very well to the Mario theme,  I’ll have all the kids throw hacky sack ‘fireballs’ at it till it busts, and they can take home the haky sacks as part of their prize box.  The party favor box itself will be a question mark box, for sure. I’ll post a pattern. 😀

Speaking of Mario Birthday Parties, after years of waiting, there are finally some mario themed birthday party supplies to help supplement these ideas. And that link helps support my blog, too 🙂