Not Another Fairy Tale Wedding

In a world where weddings and wedding receptions seem all the same (or maybe I should say in a state where wedding receptions seem all the same), now and then you run across one that’s highly unique. We went to one last night that kept my six year old son engrossed for three and a half hours. That’s saying something. My brother and his wife had one like that. Their cake looked like this incredible cone of cream puffs, kinda like this Christmas Cream Puff Tree project by Jelly Belly… a Croquembouche actually, but MUCH taller and decorated in an elegant way with jordan almonds. Way cooler looking than any of the images I’m seeing on the net. And then they had people doing capoeira — a martial art they were studying together at the time that looks like gravity-defying gymnastics with a roundhouse thrown in here or there. It was one fun wedding. 🙂

I liked that one alot anyway, as did the other adults. I think Ethan and Mary did too at the time, but they were younger and more easy to please. This one last night had them enthralled.

Sam and Sarah met at work where they do graphics for video games such as Need for Speed 2. I would imagine that not many people find their way into that industry without some sort of passion for gaming, and these two were no exception.

Their wedding cake was an elaborate design based on Super Mario Brothers. Even the pavement on each level was incredibly detailed. The cake base was a mario-style ocean floor, with Mario’s typical underwater antagonists. The second tier was an above-ground level (I am not sure which one) with goombas and piranha plants. and the top tier featured vines, clouds, and lots of gold coins. Peach and Mario figurines stood on top holding hands (Princess toadstool probably would have been there in her 8 bit glory instead if they made figurines for her).

The main entertainment at Sam and Sarah’s wedding was stationed next to the food, where everyone could give it a try if they wanted to… which makes me wonder why _I_ didn’t try playing Guitar Hero — it looks like lots of fun! I would have snapped some very cute pictures of my kids playing it had my camera flash been working (I didn’t even bring my camera since this is a night wedding and I knew I’d just be frustrated with a bunch of underexposed or motion blurred pics).

Ethan, being my little video game fanatic, was entirely thrilled about the whole thing, hanging out and chatting it up with the guys I grew up with (or maybe grew up without ;-)) and even some of their teenage kids. When it was time for the bouquet/garter toss, Mary tried to catch the bouquet and commented in her matter-of-fact way, “Well I don’t feel bad; I’m not old enough to get married anyway.” That didn’t stop Ethan from trying for and catching the garter belt. I can’t say the other guys were exactly diving for it, and he certainly didn’t know what to do with the girly looking thing once he’d caught it, but everyone got a good laugh anyway, and I saved the garter to tease him with later ;-D

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