My very own proverb

Alright, this is going to sound like a very cheesy and egotistical post. I appologize. But anyone who knows me knows I love quotes. In fact, coming up with a good one of my own has always been a goal of mine, because maybe it’ll mean I’ve made a difference. So here’s my attempt at scratching one item off life’s to-do list:

Bitter words are hard to eat

I say it from experience, unfortunately. But Is it original? Is it bad? It is a bit cheesy, I know, but I happen to like cheese so we’re good there. 😉 As far as I’m aware, it’s original. I also tried other ways of saying the same thing in case any of them rang a bell, and also trying to come up with the best way of saying it. I’m liking the first though for its simplicity.

Make sure all your words are good, in case you have to eat them.

And the couplet version, which seems fun and memorable but dated somehow… maybe because if my Grandma were still alive she’d have it embroidered on a pillow:

Make sure all you say is sweet;
Bitter words are hard to eat.

Feel free to quote me 😉

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