Homemade Gummies

I figured this out by accident in Russia; today I’m making it with my kids again. And it is surprisingly simple…

1) Stir 4 small boxes of gelatin into 2.5 cups of boiling apple juice. Yes, this is the basic recipe for Jell-o Jiggler’s.
2) Pour into whatever type of pan you’d like; you can either plan on cutting the jello into small pieces or mold it into small pieces in the first place. I used mini ice-cube trays.
3) Pop them in the fridge till they’re firm.
4) Unmold the pieces onto a plate or pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray
5) Cover loosely (in a paper bag, for example), place in a warm, dry place (like the top of your fridge) and let it dry for a day or two.

And that’s it!

I found this out when I’d intended to make Jigglers with my kindergarten class in Russia. My host mother found the jello in the fridge, wasn’t sure what it was (this was nearly 15 years ago) and simply took it out and set it on top. I’d already cut out one shape to test it, and to my surprise it ended up tasting much like gummy bears — maybe even better.

We’re going to try coating ours in Vitamin C crystals before they dry this time to see if we can get sour gummies too. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

One Comment

  1. velda

    d’oh. Turns out we were out of vitamin C crystals that time. We’ll be trying them again before school starts though so the kids will have some gummy snacks 😉


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