So I started making coconut milk…

Confession time: I used to inwardly roll my eyes a little when someone announced they were gluten and dairy free.

In fact when some friends suggested I try eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet to fix some issues I was dealing with, I scoffed saying I didn’t need to make my life more complicated than it already was. And I certainly didn’t want to create sensitivities where there were none. Instead I went and saw my doctor, only to hear this:

“It sounds like you might have some food allergies.”

“That can’t be right. I love food!”

But she ordered a blood test anyway. I posted on Facebook. “As long as you’re not allergic to Brisket!” one friend joked.

So when the results came back showing allergies to dairy, gluten, and beef (just to spite me) I figured they must have mixed me up with someone else, right? But I’m giving it a try.

Coconut milk was my first purchase. At first I was buying this awful, expensive watery almond/coconut milk blend and feeling really sorry for myself because it tasted like I was dumping milk-colored water on my cheerios (with a touch of slimy gum no less). Then I remembered my days trying out recipes at Blendtec. Their coconut milk wasn’t so bad. What a pain to make though, right? Except … actually that wasn’t so bad either. I add a pinch of salt and some honey to each batch, and I kinda like it.

I’ve started making my own hummus again, and my own energy bars too. And I’ve started eating more veggies as well. I’ve started buying a big serving of curry and splitting it between smaller pyrex containers so I’ve got allergen-friendly “tv dinners” when I’m in a rush. I’m getting into smoothies again with my coconut milk. I buy GF bread at a bakery outlet nearby. I eat chips and salsa. I’m still drinking Dr. Pepper and having the occasional fries from In n Out, complete with some gluten-free, dairy-free fry sauce my son bought for me. But I’m easily avoiding donuts and candy and all sorts of things now. I’m thinning out a little. And, little by little, I am starting to feel better.


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