Meatless Meal Plans

I refuse to make a production out of this, but I figured with meat packing issues, it might be a good time to share some of the vegan+gluten free meals I’ve had to come up with over the past few years since I developed some intolerances.

Almost everything I make can be pulled together quickly, because I am a busy single mom and full time provider. So feel free to laugh, or to adapt to make these more homemade or fancier.

And if you’re not vegan and gluten free, or if you want to just reduce meat consumption to save money or the planet, that’s fine too.

Have a few pictures before the list. Here you can see curried tofu and waffles, beans and rice, and a hummus-stuffed pepper with sunflower seeds.

The Embarrassing but Handy Fridge-List

Here’s the list of easy vegan meals we’ve got on our fridge. These are just ideas we take to the grocery store (or took, when I went there live instead of ordering online.)

We would just use a dry-erase crayon or marker to circle the meals for the week, and grab those groceries from the ingredients list — although some “ingredients” include things like a frozen pizza. Note where my list says Sausage we bought Beyond Meat. If it says butter, we used Earth Balance. And for cheese, Violife, Follow your Heart, or Daiya (just their slices). I use Schar’s gluten free bread, and Silk Protein Nut Milk.

A:P stand for Active and Passive prep time (in minutes) involved in pulling the meal together.

These meals are FAST. Which works out nicely if it’s late, or if I’m tired.

Here we have tomato sandwiches with a cup of soup on a cold day. Tot-waffles with maple-glazed butternut (in lieu of our usual roasted potatoes). And macaroni salad with a side of Beyond Meat Sausage. Which looks a lot better grilled.

Make your own Meat

Sometimes I get all out of control and make my own tofu meat. Like I did using this recipe from Easy Vegan. I’ll be honest, that’s a lot more work than I usually put into a meal with our schedule around here, but the curry we ended up with was well worth it, even though the lighting by the time I finished cooking was not fit for photos.

I’m usually unfancy

Sometimes I get TOO fancy. Like the other week when I set out to make a nice Sunday dinner. I started by baking a gluten free vegan chocolate cake with homemade frosting. Then I got too, tired so we ended up with just cake and protein milk for a meal.

And we eat more than our fair share of peanut butter sandwiches and bowls of cheerios, too. And sometimes, especially if I’m sick or worn out, my meals look like this:

Dr. Pepper and a Munk Pack cookie. 18 grams of protein.

Whatever works, right? But I hope the better ideas I’ve shared here will help you out. If you need more ideas, this site also has a lot of lovely recipes for when I feel like I can manage really cooking. So does Easy Vegan (some of his videos are PG-13, FYI, but I dig em :))

And if you’ve got other gluten free vegan meal ideas you can share, add your comments!

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