GE mini Christmas Lights

Buh. I bought a reel of “professional grade” lights from GE thinking it’d save me some time in years to come. Invest in quality, right? But just to be safe, I double checked them before putting 400 on my tree and decorating it. This morning when the kids got up I brought them into the family room and said, “Check this out!” … only to find they don’t work anymore.

So I did what any good geek would do and found the instructions sheet. It talked about replacing the fuse, but the description didn’t quite match what I saw. So I called customer service. She helped me replace the fuse, but they still don’t work. She said I could go through and check every bulb if I wanted to, saying they’re supposed to stay lit but if a bulb is loose, they won’t. She also thought maybe it was a wiring problem instead, and said that sometimes the way they’re strung on the reel can cause problems… but these were brand new, strung from the factory. So I’m undecorating the tree, and unstringing it & hauling sick kidlets back to Home Depot to try again. And I’m starting to think “pro” on the box means you should only deal with them if you’re getting paid to do so.

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