Dating 2.0

Greetings, programs. I was going to write this great article on my new approach to dating. It was privately published on April 24th with just these notes:

Get a clear scope
Filter Input
Use test cases
Version control
Know when to commit

The idea was that I’d finally figured out how to date: I realized a lot of my relationship frustration, past and present, has less to do with the other person than my response to them. I need to re-program myself. And I’m realizing (again) that my little heart is a huge project, not even ready for alpha testing at this point. Back to the drawing board.

But in the meantime, I figured I’d try to flesh out my notes just a little. These are for myself as much as anyone else.

Get a clear scope – Know what your expectations are before you go out, and be clear about them. Just looking for a friend right now? Then stick to the plan. Expecting more than that? Better that your date knows up front. My scope for dating right now: get out of the house, have fun, make good friends. Romance needs to wait for the next revision. Oh, that I could figure out how to avoid scope creep. But at least I’m aware it’s a problem, and knowing is half the battle.

Filter Input – Don’t go out with Bobby Tables. Find and patch critical vulnerabilities, and block anyone who tries to exploit you.

Use test cases – As awesome as the formulaic “Quick Lunch Date” is, I’ve noticed I’m a different person when I’m in Just-Off-Work-But-Getting-Ready-to-Work-Again mode, as opposed to my Just-Want-to-Chillax-on-a-Thursday setting. So I’m resolving to test my programming in a variety of situations.

Version control – You shouldn’t have to fix the same problems twice. I am so very guilty of this.

Know when to commit – need I say more on this one? Suffice it to say, I’m gonna stay in the sandbox for a while.

And since then I’ve realized Documentation is always a good idea, as is an NDA… most of my journaling on this topic is going to happen offline.

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