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Not with a bang but a whirr

I had to borrow the title for this post from a Blendtec-related comic by Virtual Shackles. (See this one, too). I posted their comics all the time while I worked at Blendtec.

I absolutely loved my job at Blendtec & they loved me, too. But I love my kids more: they always have and always will come first. I need to be at home with them when they’re home.

That was the deal when Blendtec hired me part time, and it felt right. When I had the opportunity to move from IT to Marketing and go full time, that felt right, too. I got a lot of things done, and it was a great experience. I’d actually just wrapped up my end of several projects when the kids got out of school.

Sadly, teleworking isn’t an option in the marketing department — understandably, too, since the team spends a lot of time collaborating and bouncing ideas off each other. Leaving my kids at a day care is literally and legally not an option for me, either, though. Plus I’d already put my schooling aside to handle the full-time load. After much thought, I concluded that the next right move for me and my kids was to quit.

I think it was probably the right option for Blendtec, too. It’s a great thing for a small company to have a jack-of-all-trades on staff, but for every little project I was squeezing into my day, they really needed someone full time. They were just getting that, too… it’s amazing to see a company grow so much in this economy! So my leaving was the best thing for everyone.

I must say, though, this is the first time I’ve left a job with teary-eyed hugs to my manager & CEO. They also felt I was making the right decision, so when they kindly offered me the option of cutting my notice short so I could be with my kids right away, I took it. Everything happened so quickly, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to most of the people I know there. I’ll miss everyone there & hope that someday I’ll get to come back… hopefully as an Industrial Designer by then.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing freelance work again for a while until I find work that I can do from home. I’m also finally redoing my résumé, and I really ought to redo this little site, too. Most importantly, I’ll be hiking, working, reading, and playing with my two sweet kiddos. If you’re aware of a company who might be looking for someone like me, let me know.


  1. tommytrc

    Velda, You will be blessed for putting kids 1st!!! no one will ever knock you for that… and actually I hope they look at you with a new found respect. YOU ROCK so hard and THANK YOU for your hospitality in march. A trip to be cherished!


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