Things to Do with Rubber Bands

Actually we’re nowhere near 101 yet, but I would be shocked if the kids didn’t have that solved by the end of the week. Honestly I’d have much more on this list if I were paying attention to all their games today. Look at the fun we’re having for only 49 cents!

  1. rubber band ball
  2. finger jumping magic trick (kudos to our bishop for teaching them this one)
  3. a shoebox banjo
  4. target practice (of course!)
  5. tying strips of sponges together to make reusable water balloons (got this idea from family fun magazine only they used string)
  6. rubber band crochet
  7. wind-up toothpick and carrot cars
  8. paper airplane slingshots
  9. Things the kids haven’t done (in some cases, thank goodness):

  10. jeans extender: for use under a long shirt on one of ‘those days’ just loop the band through the hole and over the button
  11. bad-habit breaker: wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it lightly if you catch yourself doing something you’re trying to avoid (like swearing if that’s a goal of yours). sounds crazy? don’t knock it till you try it.
  12. hands-free headset. I haven’t done it (it’d get caught in my mane) but from what i hear it does work well in a pinch :-p
  13. April Fool’s gag: just wrap one around the sprayer on your kitchen sink. Just don’t be the next person to turn the water on.

What else? I’ll be adding their ideas as we go.

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