Ethan’s baptism talk

When Ethan was asked to give a talk for the primary program, he was worried. A conversation on the way home went something like this:

“I don’t know what to say!”
“Well, just say what you know and how you feel.”
“But what if it doesn’t sound good?”
“Ethan, when a person finds a jewel in the ground, it doesn’t look beautiful right away. It hasn’t been cut and polished to show off its sparkle. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable. What you know and feel is valuable. Lets just write it down and then we’ll polish it.”

He understood, and we really did end up with a gem. You can read it here. Still, we didn’t expect to practically hear him quoted at conference! ๐Ÿ™‚

This morning I felt like I needed to call my kids and remind them of our church’s conference and ask them to watch.

When Sister Vicki F Matsumori spoke of a child who said they knew they’d felt the Holy Ghost because it felt like sunshine, I called Ethan see if he’d been listening. He hadn’t been, but luckily they had recorded it on DVR (perhaps because I’d called?) so I told him to go check it out. Regardless of whether she’d heard of Ethan’s talk specifically or whether some other child had said the same thing (which is more likely) I thought it was so awesome that she DID say it, because it made Conference special for my sweet boy and his sister (maybe even for their dad?). It caught their attention, and her message and the next were especially applicable to what we’re going through. In fact the whole session was just what I needed, and probably what they needed as well.

I don’t know whether they’ll watch the rest with their dad or not, but I plan on watching with them at family home evening when they’re home again with me. And I can hardly wait.


  1. Michael Jones (TuxToaster)

    That is really awesome. Conference is often a hard thing for kids (and even sometimes adults) to sit through and follow what is being said.

    Little things like this are a really good way to remind us of the importance of the talks, as well as to help give kids something they can relate to and build upon.

    Ethan did a great job with the talk, by the way.


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