How to Make a Usergroup Site

The first in a series of WordPress recipes — something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Volunteering to talk about three simple WordPress “recipes” has convinced me to finally do it. Without further ado, here is Recipe number one.

How to create a site for your fan club, company intranet, or users’ group

Whether you love WordPress, Linux, or even your blender, a P2-based site makes it easy to stay engaged with like-minded fans. In fact, Automattic uses a super-powered P2s for most of its internal communications. Here’s how to get started:

You will need:
– A WordPress site
– Passionate Users

Basic Directions:
– Create a new site
– Go to Dashboard > Settings > General
– Set the correct title, description, and timezone
– Go to Appearance > Themes
– Search for the P2 Theme & Activate it
– Click Theme Options
– Choose whether to allow users and display threads
– Add a custom prompt, if you’d like
– Take check out of “Display Titles”
– Click on Users; invite your site users as Authors

– Start adding posts & encourage your users to do the same!

Because you’re using a P2 theme, users don’t have to remember how to get to the dashboard — they can just add posts from the front page and watch as new posts and comments appear in real time: a great functional base for a users’ group site. You can read more about its features or watch its nifty video here

Feeling comfortable? Now you can polish it up with some customizations:

– Add an Authors widget to display your users
– Add an Upcoming Events Widget to display events from an iCal
– Change colors / fonts
– Add a logo to the Site Header
– Customize your CSS

Advanced (for
– Create a child theme for P2
– Add a feed reader for member blogs (like utosplanet)

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