Starting Homeschool

It’s official, and I’m terrified. But to put things in perspective:

  • The current commute takes 2 hours
  • Homework has been taking at least 3 hours per day
  • We already spend time learning outside the school/homework framework
  • And…

  • We’re only required to hold school 5.5 hours per day

The hours are there; they just need to be reallocated. Maybe with a different homework setup my kids can actually have time to hang out with friends or even play sports.

What else do we have going for us? Let’s see:

If this doesn’t go well, I can work on enrolling them in a closer charter school or even send them over to the middle school nearby. We have several options within a few miles.

But if it does go well, and I am hoping it will, these kids will have more room to stretch and do amazing things.

All of this starts next Monday. Got any tips you’d like to share?