Mispost, now: How I use WordPress for Homeschool

Edit: Oh hi!  I just realized  I posted this link to the wrong blog.  No wonder my kids couldn’t find it.  I use WordPress for a ton of things, including a private blog we use for tracking our tasks and projects at homeschool. In case you’re wondering what that looks like or how we’re doing it, here you go.

We use the p2 theme (also available for WordPress.org).  I added important curriculum links to the sidebar widget, as well as a schedule.  We have a sticky post with a checklist for our daily routines. Frankly I haven’t done  much with the top menu, but if I had, we’d put important page links there.  In this case, you can see links to our brainstorm page and one to my instructions for an assignment we use frequently.

wordpress for homeschool

The checklist function of the P2 theme is especially helpful. To make a checklist in P2, all you have to do is put Xs and Os in front of each item on your list, and it turns out like this:

checklist in wordpress

P2 is so helpful, in fact, we’ve used it for years to communicate here at Automattic.  Give it a try!   P2 is available for WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

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