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Notes and nerdy talk from the girl who’s such a geek, she’s made herself a #0 Geek t-shirt to prove it.

My Techy Resume

Edited: You can see my current resume here. Right now I work from home doing online chat support over PHPLive, plus my design work. If you need some help please contact me using the email form and we’ll talk.

Working on the website

I am about to unleash the power of mysql and php! From here on out, the site will have a news feed area, a special area for friends and family, and best of all it will be really easy to keep everything updated.

It’s been a bit of a scary process. I knew some sql, and I knew some php, but I didn’t know how to put the two together. Well I finally found something that will work for me.

The Artist Formerly Known As…

If you used to frequent my tripod site you know all about SuperNovia. I used to have a short little blurb on how I got the name, but now that I’m getting rid of it I’ve got some real explaining to do.

Hiding behind my name? Nope - just behind a camera
Hiding behind my name? Nope – just behind a camera