Working on the website

I am about to unleash the power of mysql and php! From here on out, the site will have a news feed area, a special area for friends and family, and best of all it will be really easy to keep everything updated.

It’s been a bit of a scary process. I knew some sql, and I knew some php, but I didn’t know how to put the two together. Well I finally found something that will work for me. I decided to try out the Nucleus Web Blog. Though this has been relatively simple to use, the fear factor made it seem alot more complicated than it really was. So I’ve been taking it slowly. I’ve got time.

Now my May 30th deadline I set is approaching, so really I just need to make a few final tweaks and I’ll be done with the structure. Then I’ll be able to add articles (hopefully better than this one) as often as I feel like it without having to go to alot of trouble. Won’t that be fun?

That said I’d better get back to work. Take care!

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