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Beta Delta

I just got off the phone with Delta’s customer service and am feeling extraordinarily irked.

In some ways I can’t believe my own silliness. Here for nearly two months now, I’ve been thinking I had a return flight at on the day I agreed to on purchase, when in fact its been another all along. They did sent me a confirmation with that wrong date on it, and I was supposed to call them back and have it corrected within 24 hours. But the confirmation didn’t display in thunderbird, and I wondered why they’d sent me a blank email, till I tried forwarding it to our accountant and the text magically appeared. My bad is that I -did- click forward and even copied and pasted that forwarded info to one other person. I didn’t take time to re-read the dates and times in that forwarded email because I assumed they were correct. Silly me!


I had several photos from Wordcamp and thought I might upload them to Flickr. But its been so long since I used anything yahoo related, that I’d forgotten my password. No big deal, right?

Wrong. Their password reset feature doesn’t work for me. So now they practically want power of attorney to get it back. OK, not really – but over a series of emails, they have asked for ALL my personal identification information, including multiple phone numbers, alternate email addresses, and a copy of my drivers license. Which has my social on it. After all the runaround and all the information I’ve already given them… just to reset a password? I don’t think so, Yahoo! :-/

So, no flickr for me. Given that I haven’t switched my site over to wordpress with its nifty gallery plugin yet (as I’ve got more pressing projects at the moment) I’m just going to upload a few photos right here.

“Forward-Thinking” Feminists (Rant)

I would like to consider myself feminist, but both those who call themselves Feminist and those who fight them will probably hate what I’m about to say.

I’ve seen how domineering and cruel some men can be, even in America, even in the nicest towns, justifying their actions and attitude by their gender alone. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to be a woman in a country that honors the female gender less. I’ve personally experienced gender-bias and harassment in the work place, and nearly everywhere else at one time or another. Sadly, I have seen women allow themselves to be treated this way. I have fought against it, I appreciate what has been done to fight it, and I encourage every individual and society as a whole to continue and even strengthen their efforts against this long-standing plague.

I have also noticed the popular thought that “All Men Are Idiots” where men are constantly equated with Homer Simpson — Homer himself has become less a jerk and more an idiot over the past several years to accommodate this trend. You’d be less than observant if you hadn’t noticed that media that portrays males as dolts is generally accepted, where anything that so much as hints at females having different qualities (even former Maya and Miguel theme-song) causes an outrage. I’ve been in situations where a less-qualified woman was given preference over a more-qualified man, just to “make things fair”. And has anyone met a Stay-At-Home-Dad who hasn’t been completely debased by his peers and society as a whole?

Until the vocal leaders of the feminist movement care more about fairness, freedom, quality of life, and a better world than they do about power and revenge, they will continue to spin their tires, burning rubber, causing far too much stink, and weakening their stand in the process. And as much as I abhor the term, this woman must be the reason Feminists have come to be called Feminazis.