I had several photos from Wordcamp and thought I might upload them to Flickr. But its been so long since I used anything yahoo related, that I’d forgotten my password. No big deal, right?

Wrong. Their password reset feature doesn’t work for me. So now they practically want power of attorney to get it back. OK, not really – but over a series of emails, they have asked for ALL my personal identification information, including multiple phone numbers, alternate email addresses, and a copy of my drivers license. Which has my social on it. After all the runaround and all the information I’ve already given them… just to reset a password? I don’t think so, Yahoo! :-/

So, no flickr for me. Given that I haven’t switched my site over to wordpress with its nifty gallery plugin yet (as I’ve got more pressing projects at the moment) I’m just going to upload a few photos right here.

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