Oh no! Insomnia!

I suppose it COULD have something to do with having taken a long nap after church today. But as long as I’m up, I figure I’d update one of the sadly neglected sections on novapages before its big overhaul.

Me in a nutshell?

– I’m a mom of two, and though I doubt my mothering powers on a regular basis, I must be doing SOMETHING right, because Ethan and Mary really are two of the sweetest, smartest kids I’ve ever met. And they’re generally very happy too.

– I work too much, but at least I work too much from home. So even while I’m dolling out assignments to techs, dealing with cranky clients, designing new campaigns, and wrangling wild servers, I get to participate in my kids’ games and conversations. I also get to take them back and forth to their school and do all the other mom things. It’s all exhausting, but lots of fun.

– I love music of all sorts, particularly classical, jazz, and alternative. I sing in my car an awful lot. And I love lyrics, even though I have a tendency to get them wrong sometimes. Title of this post? From Nirvana’s “All Apologies” toward the end, I REALLY thought the words were “Oh no! Insomia!” — repeated till the band finally dozed off.

– I’m an ENFP! This means you can really learn a lot about me by googling ENFP.

– I’m LDS and passionate about it. I do try not to cram my religion down people’s throats, but I love talking religion and philosophy. Well-meaning mormon-haters beware, though, while I know full well I’m not the best mormon out there, and while I know my life isn’t always where its supposed to be, you won’t dissuade me from my faith. I’ve heard and considered every argument on the net, so please don’t copy-paste spam me. If you really want to talk religion though, even if you entirely disagree with me, so long as we can keep up some measure of decent human respect, I welcome your comments.

– I’m more creative than techy; on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is left-brained analytical and 10 is creative, and where most people fall in the 4-6 range, I’m an 8. But I spend most of my time doing techy things and thoroughly enjoy being a geek. I -really- love hanging out with people who use their geeky powers for good. Or anyone who uses their talents for good, for that matter.

– The more I try to write ABOUT myself, the more boring I feel, so I will close this out. Maybe when I remodel the blog, I’ll get rid of this section all together, but for now, enjoy!

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