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Science Craft: Cell o' Jell-O

My girl came home last night with an assignment to make some kind of model of a cell and its organelles.  And we decided to make it out of homemade Jell-o Gummies.  The results were not quite as spectacular as we’d hoped, but it’s still kind of cool, the project was LOTS of fun, and I think a few tweaks would make it awesome. My friends asked for a how-to, so here you go. Just note, this process is still under development!

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Under Pressure: Water Bottle Science Tricks

My girl showed me an awesome trick today: by twisting a nearly-empty water bottle at its middle, you can make the water inside it boil. Watch out for that lid when it pops, not to mention the escaping steam! We recommend trying this outside, and wearing the wrapper like an upcycled wristband. 😉

Two other neat tricks to try:

Cloud in a Bottle: A Quick Water Cycle Experiment

I learned this neat science experiment in a college Meteorology class. Yes, some of us do get a higher education in talking about the weather 🙂 And I can be a bit obsessed. Anyway, you’ll need:

  • A clear, somewhat flexible water bottle with a cap
  • A few drops of water
  • About 30 minutes of Warmth
  • A match