The only thing I can think of that would improve your support service is to have Velda on every single call!!
I know that is not possible, the poor girl would loose her mind. But, her support was SO PERFECT!! Everyone should mimic what she did. She was so sharp, so respectful, so helpful, just so wonderful! She went the extra mile and looked up a resource on the net. WOW! I typically use chat with companies as it is just easier on me. I have NEVER in all my years (and I am getting old) had such supreme chat service. She didn’t just send pre-typed answers and she actually read all the details that I sent, used that information and responded accordingly. I could not be any happier and more pleased. Plus… all my issues got solved. Amazing! Thank you for the truly wonderful support you offer. It has made our transition to WordPress so easy. People seem to ask me my opinion on where to start a blog. As a computer instructor, I usually rattle off five or six places. Not anymore! My answer will always be WordPress, hands-down. Thank you!!