I have no words for the awesomeness of the new Tiled Gallery Jetpack Module. I can’t say how many times I’ve sat there playing tetris with images trying to make them lay out neatly together. This does it Automattically! And yes, this was already available at WordPress.com. I’d seriously considered moving a few of my WordPress.org blogs here *just* for the sake of making prettier galleries. Well, that and the WordPress.com reader, and the awesome reliability and support… well, you get the idea ;)

Jetpack for WordPress

Posting photo galleries on your WordPress blog is a fun way to share your experiences with the world, but do plain old thumbnail grids truly express your artistic side? No, they don’t. That’s why we’ve added tiled galleries to Jetpack.

Tiled galleries allow you to create beautiful photo mosaics for your blog posts. Just activate the Tiled Gallery module (and optionally set the tiled layout as the default) to create gorgeous galleries in seconds. Your friends will envy you, and your enemies will fear you.

You might be thinking, “Are tiled galleries the only new feature in Jetpack 2.1? If they are, that’s certainly understandable, because it’s an amazing addition to an already feature-rich plugin.” No, tiled galleries are not the only new feature; we’ve also added a slideshow mode for galleries. Just choose Slideshow from the Type dropdown when creating your gallery, and you’ll instantly have a dynamic…

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