About This Site

Why would someone try to run their professional and personal sites together? So you’re probably wondering what this is all about. Why else would you click the “about” link? 😉

I have been doing web and graphic for web work for several years now, but never actually had my own portfolio page until late into 2002. I chose the name novapages because it reminded me of renewal. There are so many pages out there on the net that just need a little TLC. So I came up with a tagline, “Refresh Your Page”, and put together a little portfolio & sales pitch hoping to snag some clients.

But I never felt at ease with my new site. Though it was crisp and clean, to me it also seemed stale and boring. If anyone needed a page refreshed it was me!

For a while I thought it was that my design wasn’t exciting enough, so I created several different layouts, posting at least four redesigns, and scrapping many others right here on my computer. Then it finally occurred to me that my problem was the image I was trying to convey.

I have a personality; my buisness page did not. I guess I thought it would seem more professional that way. It probably did. But I wasn’t having fun with it, and I doubt anyone ever visited twice.

Meanwhile my personal website was thriving, despite the endless popup ads my free host applied. Not only was I having more fun with that site, but I was getting more comments and job leads through it than I had from Novapages.

So finally it dawned on me that I should abandon the polished image I was trying to achieve and just be me. I decided to combine my personal and buisness pages. If that’s unprofessional, so be it. I finally have a page I can be comfortable with.

I hope you enjoy your visit, I hope you will come back often, and I hope that if you need a little something done with your page you will think of me.

Take Care!

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