Addicted to DSL

I took the leap and got DSL installed for a month to make my pre-move job searching easier. And its made an addict of me. Anytime I walk by the kitchen I have to sit down and check the job sites, check my email, read message boards, chat with my family, you name it.

But getting the DSL to work was no small feat.

After two weeks of tech support, a full on format, and a new modem, Sprint sent out a tech who plugged in his equipment and announced that the problem was on their end. Duh. Anyway, now its working and I can’t get myself unglued.

All this intensive computer use (not to mention the time I spent in this chair pinging my eyes out trying to get the DSL to work it the first place…) has taken a developing problem in my wrist and escalated it to the point where I really need to take a break.

But there’s just so much I want to do while I have a fast connection! (sigh) I’ll just have to remember to rest.


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