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** Added 2/2/2005 ** I’m currently working part time from home doing Live Help online technical support. PHP Livehelper by Turnkey is alot like LivePerson or LiveHuman or any of the other similar packages out there — basically a customer (or potential client) clicks on a “Click here for Live Support” button on the website and opens a chat session with a support representative (me).

If you’re looking for someone to cover your online support system, I’d be happy to work some extra hours, up to full time. Check out my resume and contact me so we can figure out what would work best for you.

** Back to the client comments now **

I’m not very good at tooting my own horn, but I certainly don’t mind showing off what others have said about me. Here are some of the things people have had to say: “What set Velda apart in my experience was that I could sense that she made my goal her goal. She was willing to do whatever it took to get my system working properly. And she was willing to do so with a patient and kind attitude throughout.” – Richard Meyers

“I have never in all my sixteen years of computing, and having had many, many contacts with Tech Support people been so completely amazed at one person’s dedication to a company and its customers. Velda is a PERFECT example of what customers are looking for in technical support service. In fact, her dedication is much more than anyone could ever expect.” – Joan Osburn

“I am very impressed with the patience, kindness, and caring that your tech Velda has shown to me. She is the kind of person that everyone in your department should endeavor to be. I am really impressed with your having a person of her caliber on your staff.” -John Fortiner

“Velda was patient, reassuring, helpful, competent, and effective … I hope all your techs are as good.” -David Carter

“My company, Interaction Software, utilized Glyphics for an online seminar today. Because this was our first time using Glyphics, I had some technical questions. Velda in your department was my hero! I called her four times (stressed out, mind you), and each time she was so helpful and friendly. I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous help she was and how much I appreciate it.” Jamie Matherne

“Next time you see your boss, let him know that some folks “back east” were just absolutely delighted to work with you, that you were knowledgable, helpful, friendly, and accessible. Darned rare to find that anymore.”
Dave and Bill at Dupont’s IT Department

(Dave called in several weeks later and said he was actually excited to see a trouble ticket from a different user, because it meant he’d get to talk to me again, lol)

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