The search continues

Job searching can be a bit frustrating. I have decided though to keep a light heart, work hard, send my resume every time I get a chance, and hope for the best. So you want to read more? Good. I had more to say but I didn’t really want to say it all on the front page of the site in case prospective employers are reading it.

If you are a prospective employer and reading this, you might feel like I’m saying too much about myself. Consider this an invitation to stop reading now if you don’t want to read my personal online journal, because that’s what this is.

All clear?? 🙂

I had another interview yesterday, this one with an ISP who — if I am selected from their list of applicants — is prepared to offer me $8.50 an hour. And get this: after 90 days we’ll sit down for an evaluation where I’ll have the chance to get close to 9.00 per hour! So, 9 an hour in a 40 hour work week makes $360! DUDE! Do you know how many boxes of DONUTS that would buy???

When we were kids, washing cars, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, selling lemonade or whatever, we always gaged our success in how many boxes of donuts we could buy. If our success was smaller time, it was how many gumballs we could buy from the penny machine. I remember the day I made 5 dollars selling pretty rocks. OK, really it was gravel I’d sprayed off with a hose, because when it was wet it looked shiny.

I don’t know why I found it so fascinating but I suppose the adults that bought it just did so because they thought it was cute, or maybe because they sold gravel at one point in their lives. Anyway, when I counted my totals at the end of the day and realized I had 5 whole dollars (a new record!) my mind raced with ideas on what to do with all that money. I think most of it was pilfered away at the nearby little league park on “tattoo gum”. Maybe I should have invested it.

Back to the ISP, at this point I am ready to accept their offer, because something, even if it is below the poverty line, is better than nothing. Jared is bringing our stuff up from Las Vegas on Tuesday next week and we’ll need an apartment and some way to pay for it. Also the fact that they’ll pay 50% of my health benefits helps a little. In the meantime I’ll be continuing my job search.

I am specifically looking for work either as a designer or as technical support / help desk. I feel more qualified in the technical end of things and I really enjoy helping people. I know I can do a good job and make a positive impact on any organization. If your work place is looking for a technical support / help desk person (and a very nice one I might add!) you know where to find my resume!

Or if you’re looking for a somewhat entry level graphic designer: someone who has a good eye, catches on quickly, knows a bit about the technology behind things, can figure out any program and is willing and excited to learn the ropes of print design, oh, and who has lots of experience in web design, you can let me know about that job too. At this point I think I’m going to have to go back to school before anyone will consider me. I’ll be there though, eventually. 🙂

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