When it rains it pours!

Last Tuesday I started my new job. I am really excited to be here: the people are great, and I’m learning new things every day. But then I got a call for another interview, this one for a job that pays significantly more. If they make an offer how can I say no? But what if I get there and the environment sucks? I’ve got some tricky decisions ahead of me.

For now I’ve decided to go to that interview, and meanwhile try to be sure that the company I’m at feels I was worth their time, even if I do only end up staying for a week. If they see fit to meet me halfway, I’ll stay for sure. If not, I’ll go, but hopefully leave a good impression so they might be willing to hire me again in the future.

My interview at Company B is this afternoon at 4 so I’m praying that things will go my way …whichever way that may be!

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