Magic Date Ball

Do you need answers for your love life, and “Try Again Later” just isn’t cutting it anymore? Try my new Magic Date Ball!

The Date Ball was inspired by Wendys and “50 Cent Night” at Movies 8. It seems like J. and I have been going on the same date over and over again for the past five years. As much as I love cheap movies and chicken nuggets, I’m beginning to wonder what ELSE we can do for fun.

So I created this little game in hopes to inspire some creativity when choosing our dates. To use it, give it one toss to find out what type of date to go on, and another to determine the first letter of the place or activity you’ll choose. For example, if you rolled “See a Live Performance” then “B”, you might see Blue Man Group, or the Beach Boys, or Brigadoon, or something equally different than whatever it is you normally do. And if you roll a star for your letter, you get to choose from not one, but SIX vowels… A, E, I, O, U, or Y. Cool beans, eh?

To assemble it, simply save this pdf and print it on cardstock. Cut it out, fold outward on the lines, then glue the tabs. This may sound complicated, but I have to say it didn’t take me nearly as long to assemble it as it did for me to design it, so BE GRATEFUL… I accept PayPal and blank checks. 😉


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