Opposition in all things…

This past month has been a busy blur; full to brimming with everything from good news to tragedy. It’s nice to finally get a moment to sit down and sort things out.

For the good news: someone I know well who was unemployed has found work — you know who you are! And my sister is getting engaged. I am so happy for her! The bad news (for me) is that she will probably move halfway across the country.

In other bad news, my niece was in the hospital for several weeks. In other good news, she is much better now.

The tragedy: a wreck that killed our cousin and his wife. We are all shocked… Please pray for their families and their little one…

All this, and time keeps moving forward at what seems to be an ever increasing rate.

I found myself wishing for a calmer life, and in response to that wish I ran into this article — it has comforted me a bit.

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