Time Flies when you’re playing Zelda…

Curse my little brother for lending us Zelda Windwaker! (OK I accept responsibility. Sorry IZ). I have so much going on — what, with my sister’s wedding next week, then we’re moving the week after that, with a mini-vacation to California in between. Not to mention work, birthdays, holidays, picnics, parties, and everything else. And those creative projects I wanted to do… .It’s been a fun summer but a very hectic one too.

The funny thing is my gut reaction to this stressful clip: I stayed up all night playing Zelda. I seem to only have a tendency to kill time when I have little to none in the first place. Why is that? I’d never really looked at it before, though I’ve frequently used its name to explain my own. “Like Zelda but with a V” is my response anytime someone asks, “V-who??”

But Zelda is my three year old’s current game of choice. He is embarrassingly good at video games, but he prefers to watch other people play.

So, amid cries of “Not like THAT, Momma! Press the green button!” I learned to play. It’s a very frustrating game — you go through all these crazy puzzles only to find that you have to go back and get this or that. This is probably why Ethan would rather just watch.

I spent half the night in the Forbidden Forest, promising myself to turn it off as soon as I got out. It took forever to get out, but I just couldn’t quit until I was done. The addiction is like those evil purple vines that follow you with their claws and pull you away from your goal, or the little porcupine balls that cling on and slow you down.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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