Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m still working a few kinks out of the site but thought I’d update the front page message and wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. The first thing my three year old did upon waking this morning was admonish me to go put on some green clothes. It’s so fun when the kids get old enough to actually care about and try to observe holidays.

So I went all out… Today we made shamrock pancakes, green syrup, and of course green eggs and ham – though I actually went the easy route with scrambled eggs rather than making the cooler-looking green-deviled-egg version. If I didn’t have a meeting tonight I’d be making some nice potato-leek soup right now too – it’ll be late for St. Patrick’s day but I’ll see if I can’t post my mom’s awesome recipe here one of these afternoons. As for Ethan’s suggestion, “I think we should paint this whole house green!” — I think I’ll pass. Have a great night & be safe!


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