Happy Birthday Vincent..

Kudos to Google for pointing that out today with their logo. When I was a very small kid (maybe six or seven) I figured I would like to grow up to be either Dr. Seuss or Vincent Van Gogh. By the time I was eight I’d realized that wasn’t really possible, and learned of the difficulties he dealt with in this life. Being a bit on the nerdy / artistic / outcast / dramatic side of the things I felt like I could empathize with him. And I cried when my art teacher played the Don McLean song.

Now of course I realize my eight-year-old view of the world was a little skewed (and self centered), and really there’s very little I understood about his life. But it makes me wonder how many people around us today deserve a little more respect and compassion than they’re used to. Here’s hoping we can extend a little more of ourselves today.

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