Where DID you get that Shawl?

I’ve never been the fashonitsa, unless there’s a runway for Tired Mothers of Toddlers. At least I’ve graduated from MOI – Mothers of Infants – the hallmarks of that style being nursing shirts and leftover maternity clothes accented with spitup.

But this fall I’ll try a little harder, and have more success in style, thanks to Chalinas. I’ll have to post a pic of my cold-weather ensemble made complete with soft, georgeous neckwear! In the meantime, check out the selection of unique, hand-made scarves and shawls imported from South America. And be sure to click on the “Detailed Images” tab so you can see how these really look! And, because I helped the store owner with setting up his site to accept discounts, the coupon code NOVAPAGES20 will get you 20% off your order this September. Have fun!

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