Today I’m reminded of a snippet of a conversation I had with Conor, owner of Hands-On Web Hosting, the company I work with. In reference to how busy Conor was one week, I’d said something along the lines of, “And here I was thinking one could only burn a candle at two ends!” He replied, “Oh, no, there are plenty of ends to burn if you cut it into little pieces!”

Now I’ve got a full on bon-fire. 🙂 Between full-time technical support, all kinds of drama with the construction loan, the Green Sun web project (which included a complete phpBB template / skin from scratch), potty training two toddlers, selling MaryKay, three other end-to-end web design & development projects, moving to a new apartment… and occasionally a little sleep… this summer’s been one wacky white-knuckle ride. And, since we’re probably (hopefully!) finally going to close on that loan and start building next week, I feel like we’ve just got off this huge roller coaster, found out there’s no line, and are trying not to keel over as we run to get back on again. C’mon! It’ll be fun!! :-p