Coming out of the (makeup) closet

Or at least my excess lipstick and mascara is coming out the closet anyway. I don’t know why I’ve been so embarrassed to admit it but here goes:

My name is Velda, and I’m a MaryKay Independent Consultant.

I don’t like direct sales. I don’t like approaching people because I want them to like me, and I’ve liked so few sales people in my life I don’t want people to think the same of me. I don’t even like the ‘made up’ look. But Mary Kay has the best light olive foundation I’ve ever been able to find. My skin is light olive. Everything else (and I do mean everything else) I’ve ever tried, has been too pink or too yellow, or, heaven forbid, too orange for my skin, and they all end up making me look a bit ill. There are darker olive colors, but, my skin hasn’t been dark since my summers in the marching band. So the Mary Kay beige 202 foundation is the perfect fit (302 for summers) and I just loved their custom compact and all their other makeup too.

I like to put just a touch of the 202 foundation where I need it – around my eyes and nose, and a little blended in lightly on my forehead and chin, then dust on the 2 in 1 powder. It gives me a nice sheer finish that looks like I’m not wearing makeup but just have super nice skin! And the skin care products (especially the timewise and microdermabrasion kit) help that along too.

Can’t you see? I love MaryKay. I’m just embarrassed to admit it – not because I dislike MaryKay, I just dislike selling things. So here’s the deal. You read this. You got to the end. You’re an official confidant. My mary kay site is at If you send me a note with your order, you can choose one free product ($25 or under) with any order over $50. And every order comes with samples. Have a look, and have fun. 🙂

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